Turn your iPad into a Six Figure Photo Booth Business!




Have you ever been to a wedding or event and noticed that the Photo Booth was the most popular attraction at the entire event??? The Photo Booth really used to truly be a hassle, DSLR issues, Computer issues, Printer issues, Long set up, Heavy; etc.... It wasn't pretty!  But you are in luck!! Because it is, 2019 and the iPad now boasts an impressive 7 Mega Pixel front facing camera.  This means that running a photo booth business just got a whole lot easier!
  • 5 Minute Setup
  • No Tools Required
  • User Intuitive Photo Booth App
  • Lockable Photo Booth
  • RGB Rainbow LEDS (1000 color options) +, White motion sensor activated LED's 
  • Weighted Base 
  • Easy to transport
  • Foam Lined Case included
  • Wall Mount included
  • Table Top Stand included
  • Can be used as a portable hand held booth 
  • App Sends Photos to Cell Phone via TXT over any WIFI
  • Several Photo Booth Apps available in iTunes APP STORE
  • Our customers get 1 free Month of Photo Booth App Pix Booth 2
  • Awarded Best Photo Booth of 2019
  • PhotoBoothStartup LLC featured in Tech Crunch / Forbes / TopStartups
  • 100+ of our Photo Booth owners have generated $100,000+ in event rentals since 2017

Literally all you need is an iPad, and our Photo Booths fit every size iPad. 
Your iPad + Vibe Photo Booth = $$$$$$ 

Vibe Pro

PhotoBoothStartup prides itself in helping our Photo Booth Owners bring their business to the next level.  Our Photo Booths are making Photo Booth operators a quick ROI across the globe!
At PhotoBoothStartup we have made it easier then ever to add an iPad Photo Booth to your business, with our Vibe Starter being sold for only 360! 

Do I need an app?

Yes you do need to use a Photo Booth app with your iPad.  This is for the countdown feature, digital props, instant txt sending, social media sharing and even Printing... 
Our Customers get 1 Free Month of the #1 Photo Booth App, Pix Booth2

Complete Control

Our Color LEDS have a beautiful Rainbow effect and can be set to match the theme of any event.  Additionally our White LED's temporarily replace the color ring as soon as a guest steps in front of the booth :)

Why Pro?

Not only do we sell the best iPad Photo Booths in the industry we also take pride in providing the best tools to flourish our customers success. Now is the perfect time to take capitalize on this business opportunity 
Don't miss the boat...

Checkout DJ LoStax's Review of our brand new Vibe Photo Booth
If you have any questions about the photo booth industry or would like more information on our products send us an e-mail at anytime info@photoboothstartup.com

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