Can the photo booth fit all iPad sizing? +

Yes. Our Vibe Photo Booth can fit any size iPad. You must choose which iPad you plan to use with the photo booth because the face plate is iPad size specific. The great news is this face plate is interchanable if you wish to upgrade/switch to a different version iPad in the future.

What software do you recommend? +

Great question. We highly recommend Pixbooth 2 by Curator. They offer an array of really cool features that will fit all your event needs. We also have a special promo exclusive to our customers for a 30-day free trial with the purchase of any of our booths. That’s a huge $150 added value just for purchasing with us. Check out our YouTube video to see all of the apps features:

Am I able to print with the photo booth? +

Yes. Printing capabilities are available. There are various ways to print from an iPad, some of these options include:

-AIR PRINT with an air printer such as the Canon Celphy CP910 for example

-PRINTOPIA APP for Mac to turn a dye sublimation printer into an air printer

(requires using a mac computer)

-WPS PRO, which generates a Wi-Fi network & turns your printer into an air printer.

Why should I use an iPad booth versus a DSLR booth? +

In recent years the iPad has become a great device for photobooths because its reliable, light weight, computer & camera all in one, is super user friendly and best of all cuts your set up time in half! The newest generation of iPad Pro's have an impressive 7mp Front Facing Camera that takes great photos / GIF images/ Boomerangs that can be texted to any phone via WIFI

What kind of lighting does your photobooths use? +

All of our booths are equipped with dimmable LED lighting. Light intensity ranges from 10%-100%. It is 19 inches in diameter, AC powered 55W, and 5500k color temperature. At extreme optimal performance with continuous 24 hour a day use it has a life span of 5.7 hours so with normal use you can expect our booths to last a lifetime.

Does the photo booth include an iPad? +

No. The iPad is not included.

What is your refund policy and/or does your photobooth come with a warranty? +

All of our booths come with a (1) year limited warranty covering all manufacturers’ defects and original parts. Please email us so we can assist you with starting a claim.

If I buy in bulk do I get a discount? +

Yes! Contact for bulk order inquires.

Are there reviews for your shop? +

Yes, Checkout our reviews for our booths here:

Do you ship internationally? +

We only ship within the USA