What is the difference between the $360 booth and your other more expensive photo booths? +

We created the less expensive option for peoople just getting into the photo booth industry to utiliz, this booth uses a less expensive tripod and is essentially a stripped down version of our other units. Although it is less expensive, we stil use the greatest parts in our build such as a metal iPad holder and we sourced for the best tripod in this price range. It will work well for smaller more personal events for a more professional option please check out our other booths which include upgrades such as

  • Lockable iPad case
  • Sturdy weighted stand
  • Beautiful face plate (hides the iPad)
  • Sturdy Back Plate keeps all the components concealed for a stress free event
  • Many more (especially the Vibe Pro)

Does the photo booth include an iPad? +

No. The iPad is not included.

Can the photo booth fit all iPad sizing? +

Yes. We custom make the face plate to fit the sizing of your iPad choice. For example: 9.7”, 10.5”, 12.9” etc. We recommend 2nd generation 10.5” & 12.9” models as they are equipped with 7-megapixel front facing cameras for optimal picture taking performance. Our LED photobooth currently only fits 12.9” sizing

What software do you recommend? +

Great question. We highly recommend Pixbooth 2 by Curator. They offer an array of really cool features that will fit all your event needs. We also have a special promo exclusive to our customers for a 30-day free trial with the purchase of any of our booths. That’s a huge $150 added value just for purchasing with us. Check out our YouTube video to see all of the apps features: https://youtu.be/h8ZuCc6aeC4

Am I able to print with the photo booth? +

Yes. Printing capabilities are available. There are various ways to print from an iPad, some of these options include:

-AIR PRINT with an air printer such as the Canon Celphy CP910 for example

-PRINTOPIA APP for Mac to turn a dye sublimation printer into an air printer

(requires using a mac computer)

-WPS PRO, which generates a Wi-Fi network & turns your printer into an air printer.

I have my own stand; can I use your photobooth with what I have? +

Yes, you absolutely can. Our wall mount option is best suited to be interchangeable.

Why should I use an iPad booth versus a DSLR booth? +

In recent years the iPad has become a great device for photobooths because its reliable, light weight, computer & camera all in one, is super user friendly and best of all cuts your set up time in half!

Do any of your booths work with the Surface PRO 3 & 4? +

Our LED photobooth is our newest addition to our lineup. It is made to work with an iPad but we can customize it to make it fit the Surface PRO 3 & 4 upon request.

What kind of lighting does your photobooths use? +

All of our booths are equipped with dimmable LED lighting. Light intensity ranges from 10%-100%. It is 19 inches in diameter, AC powered 55W, and 5500k color temperature. At extreme optimal performance with continuous 24 hour a day use it has a life span of 5.7 hours so with normal use you can expect our booths to last a lifetime.

If I buy in bulk do I get a discount? +

Yes! Contact info@photoboothstarup.com for bulk order inquires.

Are there reviews for your shop? +

Yes, Checkout our reviews for our booths here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PhotoBoothiPad#reviews

Do you ship internationally? +

We only ship within the US & Canada.

What is your refund policy and/or does your photobooth come with a warranty? +

All of our booths come with a (1) year limited warranty covering all manufacturers’ defects and original parts. Please email us so we can assist you with starting a claim. No refunds are issued as our booths require custom work.