This business all started the day I invested 5,000$ in a photo booth and had to wait 4 months, just to receive a booth that I had to fix. I was never "handy" but I figured it out I fixed that booth because I was determined after such a big investment and I really wanted to start my business. I booked a Christmas party, my first event! ... It didn't go well. The photo booth computer and software that came with my booth was pirated software and a refurbished slow pc. It was an embarrassing nightmare. I was surprised when I still got payed with no argument. Everyone got their photos but they were delayed I walked around the party passing them out. After that I never used that booth again. Luckily for me at this same time Apple really improved their front facing camera with the iPad 9.7" pro at 5 megapixels. All other iPad booths on the market at this time were 3k plus $$$$$. After many generations and much trial and error I finally had a photo booth that housed the iPad with a great ring light and photo booth start up was born. I'm not sure why I chose that name .. I think I initially anticipated crowd funding but business has been consistent from the beginning, so I never went that route. Now I like the name so I have to keep it lol. I will help people start up their business that is for sure! I think good customer service and always standing by my product, only selling what I would be happy with and covering 100 percent of my business puts me in a good position to make sure quality control is on point. If something goes wrong with your booth let me know, if you need advice reach out at anytime. I'm here for you guys and I appreciate every sale , that's for sure! I hope that you have many successful events with the Photo Booths I build!  Thank You for your interest in our Photo Booths,

Thomas Siegel

CEO / Founder PhotoBoothStartup LLC


THomas siegel