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giving YOU THE ULTIMATE PHOTO BOOTH AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICe to jump start your business


iPads are the future of Photo Booths.

  What makes the iPad the perfect photo booth companion is the all in one capability (Computer/Touch Screen/ App).  The newest iPad pro's  boast an impressive front facing camera at 7mp!  We have photo booths that fit every iPad version.



With our booth you have the option to send your pictures via Text, E-mail and social networks.  All with the option to print as well.




Our company prides itself on the quality of our photo booths.  Each booth is made with the highest standards and sold with a pricing well below our competitors. 

Most importantly, The ROI (return on investment) with our Photo Booth is amazing!  After just a couple of rental events you will get a full ROI and each event after is pure profit.  


Our Customers Get 1 Free month of the  photobooth app pix booth 2
Available in the itunes app store


"We're very happy with the quality and shipment of the product. It was packaged properly and even had a note from Thomas thanking us for the purchase. The equipment itself is very easy to assemble and to transport.


Our company was featured on Super Boothers - The Photo Booth Business Podcast

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